How to Live a Wealthy Lifestyle

How to Live a Wealthy Lifestyle

I believe anyone can live a wealthy lifestyle.

  • First you must change your mindset from doubt to believing.
  • Create goals that are reachable: weekly goals, monthly goals, yearly goals.
  • Create affirmations of your dreams (what you can believe create the affirmation).
  • Each morning find a time to meditate which includes:
    • being thankful with gratitude for at least 10 things you are grateful.
    • compassion of love for your family, friends, neighbors, city, state, country, and finally the world.
    • reading the word of God.
    • read your affirmations to start the day
  • Each day, 3 times a day read your affirmations and visualize with feeling that you have already achieved.
  • Don’t worry how it is going to happen, let the law of attraction fulfill its destiny.
  • Don’t let the opportunities for receiving wealth pass you by.

6 Replies to “How to Live a Wealthy Lifestyle”

  1. Hello and thanks for sharing, you post is very awesome. I believe that if we put God first and allow Him to direct and guide us we cannot go wrong
    The Creator God desires us to have the best that live has to offer but we must put Him first and allow Him to connect us with the right people.
    The list of things that you have written is so wonderful have a good day and my God continue to bless you.

  2. I’m so glad that I came across your website and your words or wisdom.

    I’ve always wanted to live a wealthy lifestyle. I suppose most of us do, but don’t really know how to approach it.

    I have heard of the law of attraction, but passed it off as some kind of mumbo jumbo, but after discovering that a lot of billionaires actually follow this method and seeing you advocate it too on your website has me thinking twice. I’m definitely going to try out your suggestions.

    What has been your experience with the law of attraction?

    1. The best experience of the law of attraction is the mindset change.  Everyday I am more conscious of what I am saying.  If I find myself speaking negative things it is not long until my day starts going bad. So right away I catch myself and speak things in a more positive manner my day goes so much better.  I have found it true in all areas of life. For an example:  I didn’t know anything about making a website and tried many times to accomplish it but the problem is I was telling myself this is too hard to do. Then I started speaking things like I am building a website and before too long the right program came in my path and now I have 2 websites, not completely finished yet but they will be. The understanding and knowledge is coming to me. So best of luck. Work on it for at least 30 days and you will see a difference. Let me know.

  3. i found your site very vibrate and in your face, the picture of the car was what attracted me. The blue around the outside i found distracting as i was looking at that more then reading the content, but the overall layout off your page i liked and all the information on here helpful.

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